Our Team

Kelly McArthur - President

Kelly McArthur

Matt Swain - Vice President/Partner

Matt Swain

Mike Hanock - Vice President/Partner

Mike Hanock

Ian Brown - Vice President

Ian Brown

Brian Burton - Vice President

Brian Burton

John Owens - Territory Manager

John Owens

Bill Tichacek - Solutions Specialist

Bill Tichacek

Michelle Vaughan - Contract Manager/Sales Consultant

Michelle Vaughan

Customer Care Representatives

At Kain McArthur, our commitment to excellence extends beyond top-tier products to the heart of our operation—the Customer Care Team. Meet the faces behind unparalleled service, the individuals who stand ready to assist you with any challenges you may encounter with your food service equipment. Our dedicated representatives bring expertise, empathy, and a passion for problem-solving to ensure that your experience with Kain McArthur is not just transactional but a partnership built on trust and satisfaction.

Paula Ruffini

Michael Webb

Natalie Fetsch

Holly Massengale

Wendy Reynolds

Bindu Oomen

Chris Miller


Navigating Seamless Operations: Meet Our IT Administrator

Todd Helpinstine