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Kain McArthur delivers success by offering a broad range of equipment services and expertise within the industry.



We provide our manufacturers with a seamless process to place regional inventory for quick shipment and availability through the existing distribution channel.



Our multi-purpose facilities offer representatives a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the foodservice products available to them.

Welcome to Kain McArthur & McArthur Distributing

With our proven expertise and service, Kain McArthur is a leader in technology and facility innovation for the commercial foodservice equipment and supply industry.

Our Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) guides the principles of our company and drives the high level of performance that sets us apart from the competition. Automation through our proprietary REV system gives us the technological edge to move swiftly and provide industry-leading service to our customers.

We stay on top of the latest industry trends, delivering cutting-edge solutions to transform your business operations. Above all, we constantly seek to improve our methods of representing our manufacturers while maintaining strong, collaborative partnerships with both manufacturers and customers.

With Kain McArthur, you can trust you are receiving the highest level of education, service, marketing, communication, commitment, and performance.

Market Segments

Kain McArthur offers best-in-class resources for a wide range of food service applications. From product education to distribution and equipment services, we have what you need to succeed in your unique market.



With of our expansive line of manufacture representation, we offer expert knowledge and solutions to the challenges this industry faces.

Retail/Convenience Stores

Retail/Convenience Stores

Whether stopping in for a snack or something more, consumers are more pressed for time now-a-days and looking to Convenience stores for a wider array of on-the-go meal options.



As foodservice professionals food safety and providing nutritious meal options is a top priority. You need equipment that is easy to execute, multi-functional at the right price point.



Kain McArthur’s service model combined with top selling equipment lines, distribution and installation services, make your life easier to meet the demands of this evolving climate so you can stay ahead of the competition.



Providing a remarkable experience is the key to success in this industry. For over 50 years Kain McArthur has been representing high quality, top producing brands that service the hospitality industry.



Food, facility, and commissary services play a significant role in safety for correctional institutions and military bases. As foodservice professionals you are searching for improved purchasing options and equipment that can “take the heat.”

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