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Newly designed Kolpak® Era bracket technology eliminates the need for customers to have plywood underlay on foot traffic floors.

Capable of supporting up to 1,000 lbs. per sq. ft., this will be the new “standard” floor at no additional cost! There is no need to specify or add plywood underlayment for cart traffic as well.

See how this new technology fits into the overall picture.

Do You Know About the EPA Refrigerant Regulations?

Beginning December 1, 2017 Kolpak will start replacing the current refrigerant with the new EPA approved refrigerant.

  • New regulation requires the Global Warming Potential be below 2,500 GWP.
  • Current remote design changes will include the use of scroll compressors and redesigned condensers.

To learn more about this new technology or to explore refrigeration solutions for your kitchen operations, contact Kain McArthur.

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